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Disclaimer: We Are NOT Lawyers Or Financial Advisors.
We show you Credible Methods to acquire assets and build wealth. We are successful in getting returns back in up to 90 days, or worst case 166 ​Days. We guarantee funding amounts on a case-by-case basis, with contracts ranging from, for example, $50k - $150k.
We will discuss your goals and needs FIRST in a consultation. Our Method is PROVEN! 
JG Capital Finance
Transforming distribution and marketing with key capabilities in customer insight and analytics. 

About Us

We specialize in securing assets and growing wealth for our clients through investments in crypto, bonds, and debt cancellation. Additionally, we offer services for the formation of corporations, tax documents, and our Financial Investment Program.

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Our Financial Focus 

All of our Investment Strategies are practical and have been executed thoroughly through common, everyday practices. We welcome our clients with open arms and with reputable experience. 

What Our Customer Says


"I especially loved your smooth as silk, no-nonsense approach - that’s a real skill right there! 😀 I’m so glad we’re on the same team! It feels so good to be part of a group of winners 🏆"


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