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  • Is this like that CH process from YouTube?
    NO! That “process” is flawed on its face and could very well put you in a dangerous situation. We are an Investment Company and we invest in YOU when you join our family.
  • Are you lawyers, tax preparers or financial advisors?
    No, we do not offer legal, tax or financial advice. We offer opinions and strategies on how to make you some money (potentially lots of it) outside of the standard 9-5 weekly “slave system”.
  • How will I learn how to do what you do?
    When you join our family, we add you to a group with 3x weekly zoom meetings, regular updates in the group, training and mentoring and a community of people all willing to help…. Who are all on the same path as you. We help each other.
  • How can I become a Member of the JG Capital Finance family?
    Simply, fill out the “Contact Us” page and send an email with how you found us and we’ll get you on the road to “Leveling the playing field with us!!” Look forward to seeing us ALL GROW!!!
  • What’s the catch?
    What catch?!? We’re an investment company, so we make money when YOU make money. PERIOD!
  • How much this cost?
    Well, you get started first and foremost with an initial $175 for a consultation. But the Cost depends on you and what your goals are. We have a variety of different investment packages that can make you money, but the amount of money you make will surely depend on your level of commitment and willingness to learn.
  • What is this C-Corp thing I keep hearing about?
    We teach you how to get set u as a C-Corp and operate LEGALLY similar to a financial institution. We can show you the benefits of THAT position!
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